# Currencies Endpoint

Returns all our supported currencies

Request Method: GET
Request URL: https://api.fxapi.com/v1/currencies

# Request Parameters

Parameter Type Mandatory Description
apikey string Your API Key
currencies string A list of comma seperated currency codes which you want to get (EUR,USD,CAD)
By default all available currencies will be shown

# Sample Response

    "data": {
        "AED": {
            "symbol": "AED",
            "name": "United Arab Emirates Dirham",
            "symbol_native": "د.إ",
            "decimal_digits": 2,
            "rounding": 0,
            "code": "AED",
            "name_plural": "UAE dirhams"
        "AFN": {
            "symbol": "Af",
            "name": "Afghan Afghani",
            "symbol_native": "؋",
            "decimal_digits": 0,
            "rounding": 0,
            "code": "AFN",
            "name_plural": "Afghan Afghanis"
        "...": {}